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We are the gooborgs.

Queen Vinyl Da.i'gyu-Kazotetsu

Founder / Queen of the Studio

Vinyl Da.i'gyu-Kazotetsu is an electronic-ambient music producer, animator, web and software developer with a strong passion towards art projects. She is always looking forward to developing her skills in any way she can, such as contributing to open source repositories like web2py and Mozilla Developer Network's Browser Compatibility Data. She created Gooborg Studios as a team where artists of all kinds can explore new styles to enhance their craft, and make a living off of what they love doing.

DonnE Starside

Lead Character Designer

DonnE Starside is a video editor and animator in training, but more importantly a professional roleplayer, and as such a master at designing characters. He's astonishingly talented at creating not just a character, but a living being, out of nothing but a series of glyphs on the screen. He can come up with everything from the backstory to the personality, to a visual concept an artist can draw.

Tamani Wolf

Lead Translator

Tamani Wolf is a German translator that has worked with Queen Vinyl before Gooborg Studios was founded. Got questions about Speak Louder, or translations in general? You've found the right canine. Tamani Wolf's motto - "If there is a bug or error, I will find it"

Members by Skill

Graphic Designer

Members by Name

Looking to join the team? Contact us and send us examples of your work. We're always happy to have more members on the team!