We are proud to work on all of these projects.


_The_Ch@nge_ is a collaborative album led by Vinyl that dives deeper into what it's like being a cyborg. Or, rather, what it's like to be forced into becoming a cyborg. And on top of that, already being quite different from others, and having a somewhat large amount of evil within. All of this, and more, Vinyl has to face every day, causing distress, anxiety, and other devastating emotions. _The_Ch@nge_ dives into those emotions through a mix of ambience and electronic dance music.


Lightpad is an open-source program for creating Launchpad lightshows. Designed for the modern world, Lightpad aims to eliminate all of the inconveniences of creating a Launchpad lightshow in Ableton Live, allowing you to start editing a project as soon as you launch the program. Free to download for macOS, Windows, and Linux, now and forever.

Gooicons / Goo Fonts

Making the world more gooey, one icon and glyph at a time. To keep up with the goo aesthetic of the studio, we decided to develop a pack of webicons as well as several fonts, and release them for anyone to use. We utilize them in most all of our projects, and now, you can as well. All of the icons are free for personal use, and the fonts are just $15.00 USD for a license. We'll even take icon and language support requests, free of charge.

Have a project that you need assistance with? Contact us and we'll connect you with the best team member(s) for the job.