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Artwork by Bearzy

Gooborg Studios' Speak Louder

Professional Translation Services

Comics • Novels • Websites • Software • Subtitles

Who are we?

Originally, the translation team was planning on simply being "Gooborg Studios Translators", focusing only on Gooborg's internal projects. But soon after, the group decided, "why limit ourselves to only our own projects, when we can help others with our translation services?" That is where the "Speak Louder" project has begun. Our goal is to remove the barrier of written languages for all variety of content (software, stories, comics, subtitles, etc.), allowing it to reach a wider audience.

Need our services?

Want to get started? We provide translations for as cheap as $0.04 USD per word per language. Just click the link above!

Want to translate?

We're always more than happy to accept more translators to help out with our projects! Simply shoot us a message through our contact page saying that you wish to join as a translator, and show examples of your work (min. 1 paragraph or a full comic page). We'll respond within 24-48 hours and get you registered in our database.

Available Languages

All translators speak English. To ensure high-quality translations, most translators speak English as a second language, with the listed language as their native language.

Spanish Leticia, Manuel Mérida, Maria Agoudet, WhoovesW0LF3
French Leticia, Yasmine
German Tamani Wolf, ULT-V2FZ
Italian Rushyan
Portuguese FriendlyPsycho
Portuguese (Brazil) Maria Agoudet
Russian Alyona
Arabic Yasmine

Any languages requested but not listed above are outsourced to other translators at no extra cost.

Proud translators of: