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Gooborg Records

Gooborg Records is a record label specializing in electronic music. We offer publishing to services like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Shazam, etc. for those who want it, as well as custom, high-quality album artwork and complimentary visualizers in 4K 60 FPS. You, as the songwriter and producer, get to keep up to 80% of all profits, with the amount varying upon your choice. We wish to offer the services and benefits of a record label, while doing it how we think a record label should be: help the songwriters however possible, even at the cost of themselves.


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Music Production

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Originally, the translation team was planning on simply being "Gooborg Studios Translators". But soon after, the group decided, "why limit ourselves to only our own projects, when we can help others with our translation services?" That is where the "Ƨpéak Łoüdㅌг" project has begun. The translation team is dedicated to helping content creators of all kinds reach out to more viewers by removing the restriction of spoken languages.

Game/Software Porting

In 2018, Vinyl developed a macOS port for the award-winning RPG, OneShot. With the success of this plan, she decided to transform it into a business. Gooborg Studios aims to assist game developers in reaching larger audiences by modifying the game's code and fully testing compatibility. The team's programmers are dedicated to porting everything from platformers to first person shooters to simple productivity utilities.

Web Development

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