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Flexible like goo.

gooborg |ɡo͞obôrɡ|


A goo creature with cybernetic implants. Blend of "goo" and "cyborg".

Who are we?

Gooborg Studios is an artist studio and agency founded in early 2018 with an affinity towards goo, composed of a team of artists, animators, music producers, programmers, and translators dedicated to creating astonishing projects. We help game and software developers reach larger audiences by porting their games/software for other platforms, all content creators by translating their works, design wicked T-shirts for any fandom, and connect clients to qualified workers for their needs.

Need our services?

We're always willing to offer our services to those who are looking for them. Need a music producer to write a full original soundtrack for your movie? Do you need character designers and artists to help you with your comic? Contact us through our social media or email us via the contact page, and we'll help connect you with the right team member or partner company for the job.

How can I help?

Got a following on social media? We'd be grateful for you to share our works with your fans. We'll even be happy to make you custom, original content to promote you as well! Or maybe you have experience in a field you think applies to us? We'd love to have you on the team! Contact us through our social media or email us via the contact page to get started.