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Terms and Conditions

(Updated Oct 29, 2019)

Our Services

As Gooborg Records, we offer the distribution to various stores across the globe, as well as custom album artwork to your specifications, promotional teasers and visualizers, and promotion at venues across the United States. As the producer, you keep 80% of all songwriter and publisher profits (most record labels take 50% or take all publisher profits).

We offer publishing to the following stores:

  • iTunes / Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • YouTube Music
  • Amazon
  • iHeartRadio
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Pandora
  • Shazam
  • Gracenote
  • SoundHound
  • Soundcloud
  • Akazoo
  • Anghami
  • UMA
  • 7Digital
  • Yonder
  • KKBox
  • Rhapsody / Napster
  • Line
  • AWA
  • TwentyFourSeven
  • iMusica
  • Saavn
  • MediaNet
  • Alibaba
  • KuGou
  • Kuwo
  • QQMusic
  • NetEase
  • Tencent

Publishing Terms

  • All songs must be submitted through the website as lossless files (AIFF, FLAC, and WAV), or via our LabelRadar submission form.
  • When signing with Gooborg Records, you are signing the album, not yourself as a producer. This means that you may participate in other labels as well as Gooborg Records. You are not, however, allowed to sign the same album or its tracks under a different label unless mutually agreed upon.
  • All submissions must be unreleased, however re-releases for tracks not signed onto other labels are possible.
  • Release signage with Gooborg Records lasts indefinitely unless the terms listed on this page have been violated. Upon violation, both the producer(s) and Gooborg Records agree to proceed with mediation before arbitration.
  • All of the samples used in the song must be licensed to you and/or Gooborg Records as required by U.S. Copyright Law, with proof of purchase or licensing terms. Failure to provide proof will result in exclusion from the label. Gooborg Records provides sample packs that may be used in Gooborg Records releases at a small 5% profits fee.
  • Furthermore, due to copyright, you may not use samples of memes in any of your tracks.
  • You must provide written permission from the original producer or record label to publish remixes. Failure to provide proof will result in exclusion from the label.
  • Make sure to include any lyrics used in the song to allow recognition services like Siri to find your song. Vocal inserts ("Yeah!", "Whoo!", etc.) can be disregarded.
  • We accept most EDM genres, such as Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, Drum and Bass, Future Bass, Ambient, Melodic Dubstep, and more. We may accept other genres of music. (No, we do not accept Nightcore.)
  • Gooborg Studios is a diverse, multi-cultural, international team. As a result, we do not accept religious music, or any racist/sexist/etc. music. Any such music will result in immediate exclusion from the label.
  • Album artwork must be at least 3000 x 3000 in PNG format without transparency, be of professional and retail-ready quality, and must not contain any links, contact information, nudity, or copyrighted content you do not have rights to. These are the terms required by all stores. If you do not have artwork, or cannot provide artwork that meets these terms, we offer album cover creation services.
  • Album artwork must contain the Gooborg Records logo in a semi-visible manner. Any album artwork submitted without the label's logo will be altered to include the logo.
  • Upon acception, and completion of all aspects of the release, stores usually take a week to process the album. We require that you set a release date 60 days in advance for stores and ourselves to process the release. Alternatively, you can specify no release date to have the song published as soon as possible.
  • Please note that while it is highly unlikely, we reserve the right to reject tracks that we feel are not of adequate quality or violate our terms. We will let you know the exact reason for rejection, and are more than happy to accept resubmissions once issues are resolved.
  • Furthermore, while also highly unlikely, we reserve the right to remove submissions from stores for any reason, especially if we feel they are not of adequate quality or violate our terms.
  • Gooborg Records is a service. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
  • By signing your release with Gooborg Records, you agree to all of the terms on this page, including any and all changes from the time of signing.

Complimentary Services

We request at least 20% of profits for our basic services (most record labels require 50%), however we offer additional services for either an up-front payment or additional percentage of earned profits. Our basic services are included within the initial 20%, and our services are as follows:

  • Basic Services
    • Publishing to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Shazam, etc.
    • A visualizer using the default template
    • Additional copyright protection

  • Additional Services
    • Custom album artwork by one of our trusted artists - 20% profits or up-front payment (cover artist chooses price)
    • A customized visualizer to match the song/album - 10% profits or $20.00 USD up-front
    • Mastering by our experts - 10% profits or $20.00 USD up-front
    • Usage of samples purchased by Gooborg Records - 5% profits or price of sample pack(s) up-front
    • Anything else - case-by-case basis

Payout Terms

Upon receival of $50.00 USD of profits on our end, which is usually 2-3 months after the release, we will process them and distribute them to the payment information you've attached to your profile. A valid payment method must be added to your profile before you may receive funds. A person 17 years of age or younger must have their parents, or another adult, willing to proxy revenue.

Album cover artists, visualizer producers, and mastering technicians will be paid up-front by either the studio or the producer(s), depending on the selection of percentage-based profits.

If you decide to leave Gooborg Records at any point, you will no longer receive profits for your releases.