Terms and Conditions

(Updated 2/13/2019)

Our Services

As Gooborg Records, we offer the distribution to various stores across the globe, as well as custom album artwork to your specifications, promotional teasers and visualizers, and promotion at venues across the United States. As the producer, you keep 80% of all songwriter and publisher profits (most record labels take 50% or take all publisher profits).

We offer publishing to the following stores:

Publishing Terms

Complimentary Services

We request at least 20% of profits for our basic services (most record labels require 50%), however we offer additional services for either an up-front payment or additional percentage of earned profits. Our basic services are included within the initial 20%, and our services are as follows:

Payout Terms

Upon receival of $20.00 USD of profits on our end, which is usually 2-3 months after the release, we will process them and distribute them to the payment information you've attached to your profile. A valid payment method must be added to your profile before you may receive funds. A person 17 years of age or younger must have their parents, or another adult, willing to proxy revenue.