Lightpad, an open-source Launchpad lightshow animation program

Animating Launchpad lightshows is challenging. It shouldn't have to be. Integrating with Exige's Midi Extension, Lightpad is designed to make animating lightshows much quicker.

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Designed for the Community

Lightpad is designed to cover the features that other programs don't.

Automatic File Saving

Forgot to save, or experienced a crash? Lightpad saves every time you make a change, and retains undo history even after quitting.

Open Source (and Free)

Our focus is the program's usability, not it's profits. (Though donations are greatly appreciated and help keep us running!)

Designed for Multiple Platforms

Software such as ours shouldn't be limited to one platform. Lightpad is designed to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as take advantage of the features each OS provides.

Designed for Efficiency

Redundant work is never fun. Easily swap between MIDI files, export to the proper folders, and build animations without having to sift through a series of interfaces or steps.

Realtime Display

No need to load the MIDI file into a DAW and play it to your Launchpad to see it, or even a Launchpad itself. Lightpad displays your animation directly to the screen, as well as to the Launchpad itself, for live testing.

Continuous Development

Development for Lightpad is continuing as time goes on to squash nasty bugs and add to the program. Feel free to request new features, or even contribute your own code!

Before a working copy has been made, we have:









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No builds have been prepared, however if you have the knowledge to be able to compile from the source code, feel free to do so (and please let us know exactly what you did for the Windows version so we can do it ourselves)!

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